The DIYdoc platform was created to help people tell stories that matter on video. Since launching the Music Origins Project, we have sought a way to engage music lovers and young people alike in the act of documenting the cultural origins of music and art around them. Educating young people through filmmaking is one of the keys to the development of STEM skills and media literacy in youth.

Use Culture Doc Template to Create Your Own Music Origins Project Documentary

Our Culture Doc app is enabling the Music Origins Project team to collaborate with people around the world to help them research and document cultural history. Our plan is to use this app to enable us to create the first crowed sourced and geolocated video podcast. We are working with non-profits like the Hispanic Information and Telecommunications Network (HITN) to deploy the app and our filmmaking curricula in schools and community centers in Latin American countries like Puerto Rico.

Please check out the latest Music Origins Project videos and subscribe to the Music Origins Project YouTube Channel to check out our latest videos and to support our cause. We hope to enable our fans and our community to create the stories that power the project. We are working together to put the tools that filmmakers use in the hands of ordinary people using smartphones. We are enabling them to tell their own stories and document music related art forms around them.

Here’s a video on how to get started making Music Documentary shorts for the Music Origins Project using the app:

The Music Origins Project is seeking Contributors

We are looking for contributors to help us document more compelling art forms around the world for use on our website and map. DIYdoc App provides the narrative framework to allow you to focus on the STORY not the tools needed to make a film about an art form you are interested in. But remember you are not bound by the ideas in the Culture Doc template. You are free to tell the story any way you choose chose using the 5 scenes that the app provides. You can interview people who understand the art form, or you can just choose to shoot video of the art form and answer the questions in the template yourself.

DIYdoc Screens Shot

Use the Culture Doc template on DIYdoc to create a Music Origins Project branded video in minutes!

Remember, you don’t need to shoot your video using the app, you can shoot the video into your phones camera and edit it using the app later. The tool is iOS only at this point but we will working to launch a Android version in the future.

Once your film is complete you upload the video into the cloud and it is returned to you in minutes with Music Origins Project identification and info on how others can get involved. We are able to view all films created using the Culture Doc template, but that means there are a lot of movies to review. If you want us to review your video to be featured on the site, please email david [at] and send the link to your video, a description (a paragraph or two), images, any important locations (street address, intersection or a postal code), and any other info you would like us to include in your post. The best submissions will be featured on the Music Origins Project YouTube Channel and on

The aim of DIYdoc is to democratize filmmaking and the documentation of cultural art forms by enabling anyone to create high quality stories using inexpensive tools like smartphones. The DIYdoc app provides you with simple instructions, examples of shots needed and a storyboard that the you can use organize your thoughts as you tell your story. There are a number of different templates that have been created by professional filmmakers like David for different purposes. “The Opinions” and the “News in 60 Seconds” templates were created by David in collaboration with the Hispanic Information and Telecommunication Network (HITN). These app templates will enable communities to share news and opinion oriented stories on video. There are several other templates created by other well known directors like Jonathon Olinger and Earle Sebastian for the Alecia Keys’ We Are Here Movement Project. These templates were designed to help refugees, activists, and people living with HIV to share their stories with a global audience. Our Culture Doc app template is the latest addition to the DIYdoc platform and it enables you to tell a story about an art form that you love.

The DIYdoc platform is the culmination of almost two years of collaboration between David Grandison Jr, founder of the Music Origins Project and John Carlin of Red + Hot Organization. The mobile app platform DIYdoc (Do It Yourself Documentary) was created with funding from the Red + Hot, NEA and private foundations like Alecia Keys’ We Are Here Movement.

Install the DIYdoc App Platform and try out CULTURE DOC Template to start making films and sharing your stories.

Send your submissions to- contribute [at] musicorigins [dot] org