This project is geolocating the history and future of music…  Map markers identify cultural regions, historic locations and venues where musical art forms originated and were incubated. This map will become the multimedia lens for the exploration of each art form. The team is made up of students and expert volunteers who are passionate about the arts.


Music Origins Project aims to remove the chronological and geographic barriers faced by music aficionados, students and travelers seeking to learn about the origins of various musical genre. The site/blog is a searchable, index of the cultural origins of musical art forms along with geo-located multimedia primary sources music and crowdsourced commentary. This site has been created to iterate and improve the database.


Executive Producer/Curator: David Grandison Jr.


Producer: Andre Holmes


Writers: David Grandison Jr., Kimberly Scribe, Gloria Colon, Andre Holmes

Student Contributors: Elena Takmakova, Romain Nicoletti, Erin Blankstein, Samantha Ann



Special thanks to Google, YouVisit and for their support of the project.